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CER,O: Make Your Movement Unstoppable Like Flowing Water

Fashion norms are there to be broken (and it feels sooo good!).  

Comfortable doesn’t have to be boring, and fashionable doesn’t have to be painful.

There’s nothing wrong with being fashion-conscious and always aiming to look beautiful, but how about feeling lightness and comfort while being sophisticated and astonishing? 

Now that we have your attention, we’re thrilled to share our game-changing activewear brand: CER,O. This brand is here to deconstruct normative dressing rules and redefine how you experience comfort, style, and authenticity.

In this article, we’ll uncover the inspiration behind our brand and introduce you to our new collection, H2,O. But mostly, we’ll welcome you to a new way of being bold, original, and boundary-breaking while being healthy and taking care of yourself. 

CER,O: An Ever-flowing and Disruptive Activewear Statement

For movement to happen, it needs a force to provoke it. 

Here at CER,O, our moving force is deconstructing the conventional manners of dressing. As well, we’ve come to tear down the frontiers that keep us away from flowing, mentally and physically.

CER,O believes in the synergy between water and movement. As such, we want to turn that synergy into a new way of experiencing activewear. Just as water streams smoothly and adapts to any contour, CER,O develops edgy, seamless, and light fitness garments that ensure your comfort and confidence. 

Whether you're sweating it out at the gym, going for a run in the park, or simply enjoying an active day, CER,O gives you a boost of fluidity and lightness in your every movement. 

We created CER,O to build a seamless path to a healthy lifestyle. What’s more, we’re here to remind you that, like water, you have the force to adapt and flow to achieve full well-being.

CER,O: The Story Behind An Unconventional Name

“What’s in a name?” —Juliet would ask—.

Well, a name is a word that represents who you are and gives you a place in people’s minds. It must have a meaning and sum up a universe of values, ideas, principles, and feelings. 

That said, picking a great name was vital for us. We needed a catchy name that is a reflection of who we are as a brand and what our statement is. So, after much brainstorming and soul-searching, we found a name with the exact flow we needed: CER,O. 

As we all know, zero symbolizes vacuum, nothingness, and the unmanifested. Then again, it also hints at the circle figure, symbolizing the naturality in cycles and the seamless tide in the creation of the universe. 

A zero has the power to change everything. 

CER,O describes to perfection what we strive to bring to the table: an uncharted territory, infinite possibilities, and the limitless potential within each of us. This name contains the creativity, originality, and authenticity we stand for and we create with. 

CER,O is neutral yet universal. 

CER,O knows no limitations. 

CER,O defies boredom and fear.

CER,O is how you open yourself to simplicity, being more authentic than ever, and breaking fitness garments tradition. It’s how you go with the flow and enjoy the ride like never before.

Fresh, Flowing, and Free: New H2,O Activewear Collection

H2,O is not just an activewear collection with a cool name and designs that adapt perfectly to your skin; this is about starting a revolution in your wardrobe. 

Our debut collection is a tribute to movement, naturality, and wellness. Through our designs, we aim to empower young women who are unapologetically authentic, who seek to break down any barriers, and who find beauty outside complexities. 

H2,O defies conventions and blends sophistication and originality without skipping comfort and adaptability. 

Our designs embrace wellness and comfort, making lightweight garments for the woman on the move. H2,O brings to you workout gear that will make you feel free, confident, and ready to conquer anything.

CER,O – Made In The World: Seamless Activewear for Boundless Women

Ordinary is good, but you want (and deserve) great. CER,O breaks away from the ordinary and explores the infinite possibilities after letting go of your limitations. 

If you want to be great, you can’t stay behind your barriers.

That’s why we present you with a brand that enhances the way of working out, that redefines comfort for authentic women, and seamlessly impulses a healthy, fun, and boundless lifestyle.

CER,O welcomes you to a new, disruptive, and bold alternative in activewear. Experience H2,O’s natural sensations with every move. Dare to go beyond your frontiers. Feel one with yourself.

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